More profitable sales with less work!

Leadvisor helps you find your new ideal customers by automatically analyzing your own customer register. It automatically collects and analyzes customer data from your own customer registry. Prospects, based on data analysis, will increase sales and improve marketing results.

In addition to improved sales results, Leadvisor automates prospecting work, freeing up sales staff time for the sales work itself.

Leadvisor facilitates sales by providing easy-to-use tools for prospect planning. Tracking sales goals is more efficient because all business information can be found on Leadvisor. If there is a change in the financial or decision maker information of the prospect companies, the information will be updated automatically, making it easier and more efficient to manage sales.

Leadvisor includes the Leadsales application, which covers all stages of sales, from order posting to invoicing.

  • We offer our clients prospects, that are like their best customers, i.e., they buy more profitable services and renew their orders.
    • Leadvisor will find your ideal customers using your existing customer register.
    • Turns your customer register into a source of information that guides prospecting.
    • Facilitates marketing targeting such as Account-based Marketing (ABM).
  • Increases sales and sales efficiency with customer analysis
  • Automation: Less work hours used in time-consuming manual work and more time allocated for the actual sales work
  • Works on a web browser as a SaaS – no system updates.
  • Built-in Leadsales sales application which covers prospect contacting, selling, placing orders, billing and prospecting in the same system.

Increasing revenue using customer data

Leadvisor provides the biggest benefit to businesses who already have a customer register that has information on customers, orders, offers (open, lost and won) and inbound leads. When segmentation and customer analysis processes can utilize existing customer information on the most profitable customers in addition to the ideal customer profile, sales accuracy improves.

Leadvisor also utilizes the analysis of lost deals in prospecting. When you enter data on lost offers into Leadvisor, you can use its analysis to identify customers from the target groups that aren’t likely to purchase anything. Inbound leads can also be entered into the system, allowing them to be prioritized for contact according to their rank in the ideal customer profiles: the higher they are in the target group, the more suitable of a prospect they are and the faster you should contact them. In this way, customer acquisition resources can be optimized to the ones with most potential and consequently overall revenue can be increased. uses Asiakastieto Oy’s up-to-date database of Finnish companies and communities. Asiakastieto Oy’s company database contains general company information, such as company credit ratings, which show how likely a company is to go bankrupt in the coming years. In addition, the database includes data on decision makers (around 80 different decision makers) and contact information. This and numerous other information help Leadvisor in prospecting and customer analysis.

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