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Matrix Tool

Find new prospects with just one click by analyzing historic customer data

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Next-gen lead generation

Leadvisor provides superior tools for acquiring new ideal customers by leveraging information from existing customers. This will ensure that the new ideal customers are similar to the best existing customers, ie buy more and renew their orders.

Updating and enriching the customer register is also easy and comprehensive at Leadvisor: our database contains more than 30 different types of information related to organizations, such as contact information, financial information and decision maker information.

Expand your customer list

Leadvisor presents valuable prospecting data into a Matrix Group view so that you can scan and select preferred prospects quickly and with just one click.

Matrix Groups

Once your customer history has been uploaded to Leadvisor and imported to the Matrix Group, the number of prospects can be filtered, for example, to include only companies with a low-risk category and/or those with a marketing decision-maker -tag.

matrix group table

Target Groups

If customer history is not available or you would like to target sales to new audiences, Leadvisor's Target Groups is a very effective help. In the target groups, the segments of the target groups are formed using filters such as turnover, industry, risk category and decision maker information. In total, about 30 different filters are available.

target group table

Frequently asked questions

What is Leadvisor and what are the benefits of using it? arrow down

Leadvisor is a data-driven B2B-sales prospecting tool that analyzes your current customer base and suggests new sales prospects with higher probability for increased revenue and improved retention rate and are similar to your current top clients.

Do I need to install or update anything to use Leadvisor? arrow down

No, Leadvisor works in your browser and the database is always up-to-date.

Does Leadvisor offer direct contact information to companies’ decision makers? arrow down

Yes, working together with partners such as Asiakastieto and gathering information about businesses and decision makers ourselves, Leadvisor is always up to date and provides you with email addresses and phone numbers for top decision makers.

What is required to use full version of Leadvisor? arrow down

You will need to sign up at Just contact us and we’ll walk you through.